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Boxing ICO service

Includes flexible sets of services that are tailored to the client. Flexchain analyses the client's needs and comes up with a "Go to market" plan for your idea.


Blockchain outsourcing

Outsource your blockchain component to professionals. We provide support for your smart contract solutions. Our team could become a blockchain extension for your project.


Advisory service

As specialists Flexchain provides professional advisory services in blockchain related topics for clients.


ICO outsourcing

Marketeers and creators will be interested in this product as they can be assisted from the start. 


Blockchain landscape

Blockchain and cryptocurrency offer the next level of relationships between peers by eliminating third parties in interactions.

  • Users can have blockchain based ID for identification
  • Legal agreements does not require notaries for verifying signatures
  • Buyers does not need VISA or Bank authorized cash to make purchases

In the electronic age blockchain brought the next level of e-relations to the world. It provides alternative connections and allows clients to develop marketable products.



Content Apps

Reward and incentivize content creation and management.
Create economic behind User activities: Voting, Likes, Dislikes.
Peer-to-peer transactions.
Community moderations and bounty for answers.
User engagement.
Peer-to-peer messaging.


Photography App, Content
delivery and sharing

Digital rights management.
In-App Purchases.
API management, monetization and transparency.
Create economic behind User activities: Voting, Likes, Dislikes.
Reward contributors.
Donations and fundraising.


DJs and Music sharing

Digital rights management.
Reward content creation.
Peer-to-peer payments.
Native crowd funding and donations.
Ratings, HIT-parade, public voting. 


Travel and entertainment

Transparency on hotel or airline inventory.
Open rating for hotels, taxi drivers and airlines.
Eliminate the third parties.
Remote lock access for multiple users.
Car sharing permissions.
Unique travel currency.
Referral rewards, discount coupons and tickets. 


Government and Regulators

Political public ratings.
Public voting and elections.
Open registry for rights, ownership and credits.
Electronic personal identification.
Personal user registry.
Commitments, evaluations and rewards.