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Our team


Imagine working with super smart, super talented colleagues in a free-wheeling, innovative environment: no bosses, no middle management, no bureaucracy. Just highly motivated peers coming together to make cool stuff. It’s amazing what creative people can come up with when there’s nobody there telling them what to do.

We joined together to help creative peoples deliver their ideas and apply our experience in wide range of business domains. 


Maxim Maximov


14+ Years in Engineering management. Maxim is driving the company`s vision of connecting businesses with great talent to work without limits. He is an expert on working with professionals around the world, also managed the company’s global Adtech team of product managers, designers and engineers. With a solid managerial background Maxim participated as a consultant or co-founder in several start-ups.


Alex Yaroshenko

Project Manager

16+ Years of product development and project management. Strong background in automation testing, UI development, Project management.

Branitskij Alex_final.jpg

Alexandr Branitsky

Attorney of law

Ph.D. of Juridical Sciences 20+ Years in Law and Industries. The author of more than 20 publications and manual. Among other, he has significant expertise and experience in corporate and commercial law, foreign investments as well as litigation.


Andrii Danylov

Sales Engineer, AMER

8+ Years in Sales of IT solutions. Andrew has four Master of Science degrees in the field of Applied Physics and Electronics, Enterprise Finance, Computer Engineering. He oversees the company`s US sales operations, including enterprise sales, sales engineering, channel development and client success.

Artem Naluzhnyy.JPG

Artem Naluzhnyy

Software Architect

16+ Years in Technological Start-ups. Artem founded several start-ups. Participated in several projects from beginning to market ready solutions.

Yura Monchak.png.jpg

Yura Monchak

Blockchain engineer

4+ Years in Blockchain technologies. And 14+ Years in Software Engineering in service oriented Start-ups for different business areas and domains.

Sergii Mikhailenko_final.JPG

Sergii Mikhalenko

Marketing Research

6+ Years SEM experience. Pay-Per-Click and Internet Marketing expert. Google Analytics & Bing Search certified. Managing 1000+ ads campaigns launches,
including B2C and B2B clients worldwide.


Vadym Laptev

Product Designer

10+ Years in Product Design. Has strong experience in users driven design for interfaces and tools.

Alina Mahlay.JPG

Alina Mahlay

Administrative support

16+ years experience in Document management in the accounting, audit and investment spheres.

maryna.moskalenko - Marina Moskalenko.jpg

Maryna Moskalenko

Business analyst

3+ years experience. Marina works closely with clients to insure their business needs and goals are fully accounted in Flexchain development circle. She has a solid background in client relations management and customer satisfaction in global corporations.


Alex Bondar

Software Engineer

14+ Years in Software engineering. Self sufficient solution developer with strong background in cluster solutions, AI, Game development, VoIP etc.


Nikita Diomyn

Software Engineer

10+ Years in Software Engineering. UI and WEB designer with strong background in Game Development and UI-UX design for user friendly applications.

Viacheslav Artemchuk.jpg

Slava Artemchuk

Software Engineer

5+ Years in Software Engineering. Strong background in Ad Tech and VoIP. Keen on tests automation


John Ganchack

Content Creator

9+ Years in the IT industry. With 4 years of experience in content creation and writing.


Anton Karpov


10+ years in the IT marketing and Customer care. 6+ years in the stock exchange and financial markets.

Veaceslav Mindru

DevOps engineer

13+ years experience DevOps engineer with passion to automation.


We are Flexchain


A distributed Global organization of professional and highly motivated people who joined together to deliver word class service in the new blockchain industry.

Product management team is looking for projects with strong idea and good product for users and investors. We care about our reputation on the market and do not work on 'muddy' projects.

With the users and investors in the mind we question every idea which we join to work on.