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Wrap your idea into blockchain

Blockchain technologies allow you to breathe new life into classical products as a distributed trust sharing mechanism, and evolve them to the next level of e-relations.


Blockchain solutions

Flexchain offers blockchain integration and implementation in business models, professional white-glove services for ICO launch, crypto tokens generation and smart contracts development.

  • Permissions

  • Ratings

  • Public voting

  • Role distribution

  • Ownership

  • Identification

  • Authentication

  • Wealth sharing

  • Commitments

  • and more...


We offer


Blockchain Startup kit

We help visionaries & their ventures grow Globally. From idea through analysis to implementation and offer. Evaluation of ICO goals, development of marketing strategy for a project, evaluating pre-ico resources, community management.


Flexchain offers support and boxing solutions for ICO. White papers review, legal project analysis and advice, blockchain and smart contract engineering, application development, pre-ico marketing, post-ico support for project and investors.


Security is an important part in any project. Especially it's important when a project is about equities sharing. Small mistake in a smart-contract can affect success of whole project.


Smart contracts development and review

Smart contract can become a crucial part of the a blockchain based project. Flexchain offers a business model review and available smart contracts implementation for investors and builds contracts for the project owners.

Legal Consulting

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) requires a well-planned legal setup. Flexchain assists the ICO by connecting them with the right legal partner, the investment story, and outreach plans for investors and regulators. Legal settlement could be necessary for initial crowd funding, terms of use, privacy policy and delivery project related commitments to the clients.

Solution Marketing

Marketing becomes crucial when client want to share idea to potential Investors. For crowd funding platform ICO project should be prepared same way as common presentation to Investors. It's very important to describe strong sides and show good understanding of the business, project and the domain. Investors need to see your professionalism and passion to deliver the project. Flexchain helps clients to write a White Pages document without disclosing key business innovations and algorithms to competitors.





  • Idea screening interview
  • Project feasibility and option analysis
  • Marketing research and business analysis
  • Consultants and competitors analysis

Strategy analysis

  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats definition (SWOT)

  • Project design and milestones

  • Costs evaluation
  • Fundraising planing


  • Marketing research and media planing
  • Project promotion on thematic resources
  • Contextual resources
  • Community management
  • White papers review
  • Main selling points and appropriate accents


  • Business cases definition
  • Pre and post ICO roadmap
  • Milestones for white paper 
  • Technical advices and solution analyzing
  • Blockchain technology justification
  • Bottleneck and weak points identifications
  • Implementation and continues delivery


  • Delivery post ICO milestones according to initial plan

  • Supporting investors and projects after ICO
  • Community management


  • Incorporation
  • Legal settlement consultation
  • Compliance, terms of use and privacy

ICO on-boarding investors and compliance

  • Premium Investors presentation
  • Project meet-ups
  • Creating the relevant compliance files and safe storing for private data
  • Marketing pitch and strategy

Fund raising

  • Payment systems implementation for ICO
  • Accepting various fiat currencies from the investors and converting these to Ether (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Escrow

Provide transparency

  • Open source code repos
  • Provide transparency in regard to the costs towards investors
  • Community management

Ensure safety and security

  • Wallet data handling
  • Client's security capsules
  • Assure the crypto-financial transactions are handled safely for the investors


Describe your request in details.

  • expand operations.
  • purpose of request: consultation, ICO, blockchain solution implementation, advise.
  • details about the project.
  • urgency and suitable time for contact

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